wow. Thank you so much for the thought that you invest in this course. Your passion for your students and the material radiates. To be honest, I was very intimidated by your charisma in the beginning. Now, I feel like I can really be honest with you about anything. You are someone that I respect deeply and I think it’s because of your conviction in what you do. I can’t say that about everyone I meet. Thank you for your enthusiasm, wisdom, and perspective. I aspire to grow up to be able to fill a room with the unapologetic energy that you channel.


This was a 3 hour night class that I truly looked forward to. It sounds like an oxymoron but I feel a little sad that it’s over. I see the world differently now. I used to find the news boring and repetitive but I came across a saying that has stuck with me. “Not caring about the news is a privilege. It means you don’t have to be afraid.” The thing is I was so stuck on autopilot that I didn’t even realize I do care. This course has sparked a fire within me. I care.


I love this course, and Dr. Stasia is just WOW! Where to begin. She is brilliant, inspiring, kind, such an engaging and effective professor/teacher/presenter and I loved every single moment of this class. The readings were so interesting, she clearly put so much work into preparing this course and into making it the best it can be. She is so professional yet very approachable and any student who gets to take a class with her should. She will teach you so much about leadership, life and yourself and she could not be more fair. One of the best professors I have ever had! Class time is spent so intentionally and I appreciate that greatly.


I have never had a more well prepared, passionate and understanding professor as Dr. Stasia. Her enthusiasm and passion were admirable. Her class was engaging and very well organized. The course materials fro each week were provided all within e-class and the syllabus. The expectations were clear, and Dr. Stasia and the teaching fellows were ALWAYS willing to help and guide us in the right direction. This course surpassed my expectations and I truly believe that everyone should take this course.


I wanted to share my appreciation with you. The DIVE meeting on Wednesday evening was quite significant for me. I had a couple of spontaneous "on the balcony" moments where I had the chance to gain some real insight into the way that I approach certain situations. This was both uncomfortable and restorative, and it triggered an introspective process that has lingered. I am once again immersed in the understanding of how much I have yet to learn.


Thank you for all the thoughtful work you put into making this class such a successful reality. I’m really grateful for the opportunities you all provide for me to question my own worldview, assumptions, biases and interpretations, and I appreciate the new perspectives and learnings provided in each activity. I think I’m absorbing some skills and teachings that I can apply to my own life for a long while to come, and for that I am super grateful. Thank you for your kind hearts, and for making this class such an enjoyable experience!


The Dive program provided valuable insights regarding the management of adaptive challenges, particularly in an organizational setting. It gave me an opportunity to learn the different components of addressing these challenges through immersive group discussions and hands-on exercises. I was able to build connections with an interdisciplinary group that further enhanced the experience of learning.


Dive has been a great opportunity to learn more about myself as a leader and about great people who are also interested in leadership. I think that now I am much better equipped to deal with leadership challenges. I am now looking at different situations using the diagnostic process, trying to avoid jumping to solutions and trying to look for other interpretations of the problem.


Dive was incredible. The perspectives I got from other DIVE participants and the leadership from Dr. Stasia made this course the highlight of my year.


Cristina Stasia was extremely engaging and receptive, not mention that she well versed in adaptive work. She shared moments of vulnerability with us, which gave us the freedom to open up ourselves. She was an inspiring figure for sure.


Cristina is an incredibly dedicated teacher. Regardless of an immensely busy schedule or the world ending (COVID 2020), she will do everything she can to make sure her students are able to develop their leadership abilities in a safe environment.


It was a really fun way to learn new skills. Cristina's lectures were outstanding, and the cohort of students were fun and deeply invested in the material.


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