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The opportunity to provide leadership training to international Global Youth Leadership Network scholars in Macao, China was challenging and exciting.

Teaching in Macao: Welcome

After delivering a keynote at the "International Trends in Education" summit at the University of Macao, I was joined by two alumni Teaching Fellows whom I had trained and supervised for two years, the outstanding Lily Ren and James White. We provided 3 days of intensive leadership training to forty undergraduate and graduate leadership scholars from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Macao.


From work on unconscious bias to public speaking workshops to exploring leadership styles through improv, it was a joyful and rewarding three days. This experience confirmed for me that when you teach leadership above and below the neck, you are able to build the leadership capacity of students--and connect them--across national, disciplinary, cultural, age, and political differences.


A gallery walk where students created original art to reflect on what they had un/learned during out three days together cemented both the learning and the friendships.

Teaching in Macao: Courses
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